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Well here goes on a series of topics; we are planning to move over to Andalusia in the next few months so I am going to put a few questions on different topics up to gather some of the vast knowledge of you all.I would like a reliable second hand car and have heard that second hand is quite expensive in Spain. I've tried to look at dealer sites but they don't seem to have links to their used stock (but that might be my lack of skills). Is there a version of Autotrader or similar and what is the general opinion about buying second hand in the region around Malaga?I have an old 3 series BMW that I've had for 8 years so reliability is more important than issues other than running costs now that we will be "living the dream" but on a very tight budget.Apologies if some of the questions have been covered elsewhere previously and happy to be pointed there if the information is up to date and relevant.

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